Thursday, March 24, 2011


In my blogging absence I:

Played 2 tuba christmas concerts.

Performed as a hanukah bush in a holiday burlesque show, went to a strip club with the stars of the show.

Did some bit parts in a Monty Python themed variety show.

Decided to learn violin, taught my self for a month and then found a teacher I like very much.

Fixed the french drain to the basement and did some makeshift berms to direct water away from the basement door in the first place.

Made some props for the Fluid Movement Roller-skating show. I am noticing a odd literalness and eye for detail and realism when I do props that is kind of odd for the rest of the production. I'll be doing some stage managing because I love carrying a clipboard around and looking important.

Received my scene selection for the Fluid Movement water ballet. This will involve drumming, fire, hula and synchronized swimming.

I also have a secret project. I'll fill in the details as it seems fit. Tonight I hope to have some schematics up and code later in the week.

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