Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome Back!

Is this the way of blogs? Long absences and sudden re-interest and then more silence? I made two new notes on Facebook yesterday and remembered that I like paragraphs. Today I found ifttt and started linking my online life together.

In the style of confessions: Forgive me for I have not documented my life, it has been a while sense my last post. I:

Had another amazing year co-directing the water ballet. I learned a lot about how I do things and what I need to be bigger and more. Again I was really lucky to have a lot of talent in my co-director and in the scene and I hope I did what I could to not squander it.

Helped set a world record ukulele sing along while dressed up as a bush.

Rocked the socks and garters off of the Steam Punk World Fair with Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band. This was an odd refrain as my old band Ego Likeness was also playing there.

Oh, and the usual played many fun shows with Barrage Band, hung out with fabulous bellydancers and fairies, and broke/fixed/made/installed stuff in strange but local locations with my dayjob.

So tell me how many Hail Marries I have to do and lets get on with this thing.

Coming up next: Honk! Barrage Band didn't work our way into the schedule so this is a purely social call.

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