Tuesday, September 13, 2011

temporary apahasia you can eat

Also related to one of the previous posts. Sauerkraut! I am not only prepared to say it on mic I am whipping up a batch.

This year I'm sitting out of the Baltimore Beauty Pageant while I really work on figuring out what to be on stage that is bigger and better. I did the best I could being my self last year and that didn't win so I am stepping it up, next year when I hopefully can figure out a solo stage friendly talent. 

Now sauerkraut is on  the tip of my tongue almost literally instead of buried in temporary aphasia. At the farmers market I got a cabbage. The basic recipe for sauerkraut is to take a cabbage, cut it up, cut up other vegetables and fruit like apples if you want, season with what ever you want and then put a little bit in a jar, salt it, press, put a little bit in a jar, add salt and keep going. Then you let it sit out and wait for days. It will keep getting better and better and then worse and worse. The recipe for kimchee is just about the same but with more herbs, spices, chilly sauce and fish sauce. Both recipes say to go crazy with what ever you want to throw in or substitute. I added a little bit of old bay which works with the fish sauce extra sea foodie. 

I'm at day 2 and the waiting is tough. The kimchee is already very kimchee tasting. It needs to sit more to get that fizzy soft kimcheeness. Sauerkraut has a longer fermentation period and is just kind of salty cabbage and friends at this point. 

Anyone local want some of the sauerkraut? I am going to have a lot of it this batch. I'll keep you posted on it as we go.

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