Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm fixing a Casio CZ I traded to a friend for violin lessons. I clearly made out on this deal as it just wouldn't turn on right before a gig. I opened it up and traced the power lines back out to this transistor. The Casio CZ was a weird digital phase distortion synth that came at a time when FM synth was the top of the line, sampling was too expensive and analog synths were not avaunt guard or 'phat'. The sounds are all kind of gritty and unique. What I am loving on the inside of this machine is the circuit board is one layer and has discrete components hand soldered on (with about as much skill as I attack kits with) and actual labels for most components.  Our sad little transistor is anonymous, simply know as T3. Luckily the backside was exploded and I can still read the front of it.

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