Friday, May 18, 2012


I have 56 pages of music and I don't think I have about half of what is on the set list in that stack. Oh! and some of them don't have titles so I am going to assume that they are the new originals I have never heard and just got the charts for last night.

It should be noted that I am bragging, and not complaining. Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band has always treated me right and I am honored to be tagging along on their coat tails this weekend kicking steam butt at the Steam Punk World's Fair!

Last year I had a great time, I got to hang out with Ego Likeness for the first time in years and the world didn't end as was predicted. I got puked on and then the police shut down our Saturday late night carport set. It was my most punk rock ever.

ETA: All the songs were titled, I had an orphaned page 2 from a song that they don't play anymore and a song titled "Questionmark" abbreviated as ???

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