Saturday, December 8, 2012

Das Blinken Lights!

 Still a work in progress, I have the lights reliably blinking from the DAW. I wrote a little HTML5 that selects colors and sends them to a node.js app that pushes them into the local midi driver. You can play with it if you want, it doesn't do much with out the node.js server. The arduino code is there for you to look at too. I'll eventually include the node.js after I do a little clean up. Programming lights from a keytar is pretty much the coolest way to sequence lights.

The arduino is in a travel soap box ziptied to the back of the wreath. It's the best $1.50 case ever.

And here is a childish drawing that shows the basic hardware setup. I like to do silly drawings. 
I hope to have Wizards in Winter tracked to premier this week!

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