Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Covering my earballs

I'm looking at my desk at work and I seem to have a little obsession. I have a lot of earphones.

With me today I have:

My comfy music listening bottom of the line studio monitor phones. They are just good enough to hear how bad things sound if not produced well or if the network is streaming slightly slower. I wear these on the bus because they are open enough I can hear enough of what is going on to not be dangerously oblivious.

Bluetooth stereo microphone. I use a voip phone app at work sometimes because I like to not crane my neck to hold the phone while typing, it's also nice to listen to music and not be tethered. Not a great sound but pretty convenient. I also commute with them because it's nice to not be tangled with the cord and I can pause what ever is playing from the buttons on the side.

Drummer Isolation Headphones. These are basically what construction workers wear with music piped in. I call them "21db of STFU" when my coworkers are being needlessly loud. Somedays I have to use a white noise generator to really make them all go away so I can get some work done. I can't wear them around because they clamp so tightly on the head it makes my jaw hurt and I get dizzy and jumpy walking around with out the audio cues of being near things. I would seriously walk into traffic infront of a screaming crowd and not notice.

Also with me is a set of military surplus aviator headphones. I love the construction on them, everything is adjustable, built to last but still accessible and replaceable. You could fix in a matter of minutes any part of them with stuff from Home Depot and Radio Shack. The drivers in them are made for voice so music sounds awful but podcasts and audible are really loud and clear. Some day I'll gut the bluetooth headphone and stick in there.

I still could use a set of earbuds again. The cats keep eating them or they don't survive getting closed in the car door.

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